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When you read this edition of the newsletter, we will be the midst of the Advent Season with the expectation of Christmas rapidly approaching. Traditionally, the Church has taught that Advent is a season of preparation for the faithful as we prepare for the birth of our Lord. This preparation involves a thorough review of our lives, making us more acutely aware of our sins, mistakes, and shortcomings. <cont. on newsletter>

The cookbook can be purchased for $15 by calling our office at 910-395-0555

We are currently engaged in outreach projects with our global partners.

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Bishop Grundorf’s Annual Visit

A resting place for members and their families.

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GASP is an all-men’s group that meet every second Wednesday of each month.

The Presiding Bishop of the APA and Bishop Ordinary of the DEUS will make his annual visit to our parish on Sunday, April 2. The Bishop will receive all new members during our service. Vestry will entertain Bishop Grundorf and his wife at a gathering on Saturday, April 1. There will be a Pot Luck luncheon following our service, so please mark your calendars and plan to attend and welcome him and his wife, Dr. Mary Bennett Grundorf to our church.


I Was Spiritually Blind and Separated from God By Sin


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and special  thanks  to  Doug  and  Susan  Fritz  who hosted    the kick-off    party    for    our    newly published  “Sinfully  Delicious”  cookbook.  Guests   were   greeted   to   a   warmly   decorated house  and  nibbled  on  a  variety  of  appetizers selected   from   the   book.   Door   prizes   were awarded  and  everyone  agreed  that  it  was  a wonderful way to begin the Christmas holidays. Bouquets  to  Doug  and  Susan  for  sharing  their lovely home. — els